The Doppelganger Effect


The PCs are traveling along a road, or even in a city when they come across two people fighting, one savagely mauling the other.

A quick level 2 Intellect task quickly reveals that the two people are twins. Not only are they twins, they are exact duplicates, down to every article of clothing.

If the PCs are able to break the fight up (the person that is being attacked will die without their help, after which the doppelganger dies as well), they find that the aggressive person has strange white eyes, and becomes violently enraged when they see their twin.

To make matters worse if the PCs harm the strange doppelganger any damage they inflict they upon the doppelganger will also be inflicted on the person who’s form it assumed.

When questioned about how this happened the original person that was copied points the PCs to a strange device that he found nearby. After touching the device, the doppelganger appeared and became enraged upon seeing him. It chased him until it finally caught up with him.

The doppelganger will not speak or communicate with the PCs, or anyone else for that matter. If left to its own devices, it will continue to seek out its twin.

Important Questions

  • What, if anything, can be done about the doppelganger?
  • How will this effect the person that was copied?
  • Could the original device help undo this?
  • Could this device be used as a weapon, or should it be destroyed?
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