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Dust of the Cold Wind

Environmental GM Intrusion

A character ingests the Dust of the Cold Wind and contracts a potent poison that rides on the particles and debris that are blown around the The Cold Desert .

This poison has no effect at first, other than a nagging cough. The next day a difficulty 4 Might test is required.  If the test is failed the PC is wracked with a horrific cough as the toxic particles affect their lungs. All Might and Speed tasks have an Initial Cost of 1 until the sickness can be cured.  All actions involving Stealth are increased by two steps, as the PC finds it nearly impossible to stop the cough.

The affected character can attempt a difficulty 4 Might task every day to fight off the condition.


A capable healer can act an asset, reducing the task from 4 to 3.

A healer, shaman, or mystic can attempt to cure the malady as a level 4 Intellect task.

Sopoforic Pollen

Environmental GM Intrusion



While exploring a strange looking forest, the PC causes an exotic plant to emit a toxic pollen that has a soporific effect. The character’s aggressiveness is greatly decreased, causing any Might task that the PC spends Effort on to have an Initial Cost of 1. The effect lasts for 1d6 hours. During that time, the PC must consume twice the amount of food that they normally would.