ICRPG Standard Fantasy Wizard

ICRPG Standard Fantasy Wizard


In a standard fantasy ICRPG campaign, the Wizard would replace the Mage. 

The wizard is a learned lore master, a practitioner of the arcane arts and wielder of enigmatic powers that are capable of twisting the mind and rending the flesh.

“A wizard you say? You’ve come to the right place, I have just the spell for that, you see…”

Recommended Gear: Staff, Dagger, Sword, Supplies (including various reagents and components).

Starter Reward: INT Spell: Arcane Missile (INT Attempt on a target in sight)

Milestone Rewards

  • Diadem of Focus (+3 Ultimate Effort when Casting Spells)
  • INT Spell: Legend Lore (reveal a secret about an area, person, subject or item)
  • INT Spell: Diamond Skin (gain one temporary Heart which remains until 10 points of damage have been taken )
  • Brooch of Shielding (Impenetrable by conventional missiles)
  • Spectacles of Wizardly Insight (+3 Insight when learning INT spells)
  • Staff of the Magi (+2 INT,  does Magic Effort on Weapon Attempts, +3 Magical Effort for all INT Powers)

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