ICRPG Standard Fantasy Warrior

ICRPG Standard Fantasy Warrior


In a standard fantasy ICRPG campaign, the Warrior would replace the Blade. 

The warrior is a shield, he is strength, he is endurance and the last best hope when hordes of slavering foes are clamoring for your blood. They are steeped in combat, defense and the not so subtle arts of warfare.

“Quickly now, behind me, I’ve faced these beasts before and I know their measure.”

Recommended Gear: Common Weapons, Common Armor, Rope & Hook, Supplies Pack

Starter Reward: Choose one: An item that gives you +1 to STR, DEX or CON, or +2 Weapon Effort, or Fine Armor (+2 Armor)


Milestone Rewards

  • Heart Stone (add 1 HEART to your maximum)
  • Superb Whetstone (Choose one weapon, when you Roll 6 Effort, Roll again)
  • Stone of Skill at Arms (When attached to a weapon, the weapon rolls Magic Effort)
  • Mastercrafted Weapon (On a Weapon Attempt of 20 or higher, you roll double the item’s Effort.)
  • Mastercrafted Armor (+3 Armor that only takes up one Equipped Item slot)
  • Finely Balanced Thrown Weapon (on a Move turn, make a Ranged attack that deals Weapon Effort)




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