ICRPG Standard Fantasy – Starter Loot

ICRPG Standard Fantasy – Starter Loot

This will be the first in a series of articles that focus on converting parts of ICRPG’s elements into more standard fantasy fare.  I will be starting with the Starter Loot table which is full of neat, but very specific magic items.

The following options will let the player create items the vision that they have created for their character.

Starter Loot (choose one)

  • Choose one item that gives a +1 bonus to an ability score.
  • Choose one item,  you gain +2 Weapon Effort when using that item.
  • Choose an item, the item grants you +3 to Ultimate Effort rolls made when using that item.
  • Magical ammunition, choose one type of ammunition, roll Magic Effort with that ammunition. You start with 20.
  • Choose an item, the item grants you a +3 bonus on a specific action, like scouting, hunting, climbing.
  • Choose an item, this lucky item lets you Roll Ultimate when opening Chests.

Some example items might be:

  • A set of iron gauntlets that are inscribed with the face of a leering Minotaur (+1 STR)
  • A masterfully crafted dwarven warhammer bearing the rune of your ancestors (+2 Weapon Effort)
  • A extremely fine dagger, sharpened to the finest point. +3 Ultimate Effort
  • 20 magical arrows made from the strongest but lightest wood and fixed with griffon feathers (roll Magic Effort)
  • A diadem fixed with a jeweled eye (+3 to Perception checks)
  • Lucky dragon scale, roll Ultimate when opening Chests.

Using the options above, the sky is the limit.

Strength and Honor!


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about 1 year ago

I'm still working through the rules myself, so I had a quick question... When you speak of +3 Ultimate Effort, does that mean when the character would crit and they roll the ultimate die, the receive +3? Or that the item always rolls Ultimate Effort and +3? I like what you've come up with.



about 1 year ago

Ryan, thanks for stopping by, I think it meant that you get +3 to any Ultimate Effort roll that you make with that item. I think something that rolls Ultimate effort for ever action would be really powerful, beyond even Epic Loot.


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