ICRPG Standard Fantasy Sorcerer

ICRPG Standard Fantasy Sorcerer


Where a Wizard’s magical prowess is learned, a Sorcerer’s power is innate. While their power may have laid dormant for countless generations, the blood of ancient dragons courses through their veins. Raw power comes to their call like a raging river waiting for their skillful art to shape it, to master it and bend it to their will.

When a Sorcerer finds a spell item, that item helps unlock the innate magic inherit in their blood line.

“Years of study? No, these powers are mine as surely as the gift of sight belongs to those who can see.”

Recommended Gear: Staff, Dagger, Sword, Crossbow, Supplies(full of various chemicals and admixtures that might come in handy some day)

Starter Reward: INT Spell: Fire Missile(Fire a bolt of flame at a target within FAR range, ignites flammable objects)

Milestone Rewards:

  • Dragon Stone (+3 Ultimate Effort when Casting Spells)
  • INT Spell:¬†Elemental Blast: DOUBLE EFFORT elemental damage on up to three NEAR targets. ATTEMPT of 10 or less, choose 3 random targets
  • INT Spell: Dragon’s Scale (+3 Armor for 4 turns)
  • Dragon Wings (Fly for 1d4 turns)
  • Chaos Stone(+3 Magical Effort, when a Casting Attempt is lower than 10 choose 3 random targets to take Magic Effort damage)
  • Ring of Elemental Convergence (+3 Magic Effort with elemental spells)


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