Every cause needs a champion, a hero to rally otherwise common men to a righteous cause and lead them to victory. The Crusader is that champion. With holy blade in hand he smites the wicked and sends them back to the darkness from whence they crept.

No matter the pressures he faces he will remain strong, finding strength within himself to keep fighting on while inspiring others to do the same. Even in the midst of battle he can galvanize his allies, giving them the strength to fight off madness for a little longer. When the Crusader is leading the charge, all of hell will know to fear the flame.

“A mighty sword-hand anchored by holy purpose.”

Recommended Gear:  Armor Kit, Common Shield, Weapons Kit

Starter Reward:Holy Sword (Inflicts d8 damage dice against Undead and Unholy creatures)

Milestone Rewards:

  • Knight’s Crest (add 1 HEART to your maximum)
  • WIS Power: Commander’s Orders (Grant +3 to all allies next Attempt, or -3 to all enemies)
  • Glittering Spaulders ( +3 Armor)
  • Swordsman’s Crest (+2 Weapon Effort)
  • Defender’s Seal (Roll 1d8 when dying, rather than 1d6)
  • Holy Orders ¬†(+2 to Ultimate Effort)






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