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ICRPG Standard Fantasy Cleric

ICRPG Standard Fantasy Cleric


The priest class in the core ICRPG book could easily be used as a priest that pays homage to all the gods, not just one. He is a holy man, a keeper of secrets and diviner of lost lore. I have included three types of cleric that I think capture the essence of standard fantasy clerics. 

Healers, templars, hospitalers and the wisest of men, clerics are a steadfast anchor in a world full of tumult. Few clerics, even those of the same order are alike, as their views on religion, their gods and the world are as numerous as the stars in the sky.  The wisdom of their words is often as important as the potent healing powers of their divine abilities.

“Come now, calm down and lay still, this wound is deep but can be mended. You must stay strong, for the fight is not yet over.”


Recommended Gear:  Staff, Mace, Armor Kit

Starter Reward:WIS Power: Healing Touch (Touch an ally with WIS, heal with Magical Effort)

Milestone Rewards:

  • Heart Stone (add 1 HEART to your maximum)
  • WIS Power: Healing Nova (Heal ALL Allies on a Difficult WIS Attempt)
  • Holy Symbol of Life (+3 Magical Effort when healing)
  • Prayer Beads (+1 WIS)
  • Potions of Potent Healing (5 Count, consume to heal to full HEARTS)
  • Helm of Brilliance (+1 WIS, light fills NEAR area on command, all attacks made by undead in the area are HARD)


Recommended Gear:  Sword,Hammer, Armor Kit

Starter Reward: WIS Power: Healing Touch (Touch an ally with WIS, heal with Magical Effort)

Milestone Rewards:

  • Heart Stone (add 1 HEART to your maximum)
  • Storm Stone (fix this gem to your weapon, attempts with the weapon are over 15, add +1d4 lightning damage and target drops any items they were holding)
  • Holy Symbol of the Storm (+1 Wis and +3 Magical Effort when casting lightning spells)
  • Storm Gauntlets (+3 Armor)
  • Javelins of Lightning (Thrown, 5 Count, any hit does Double Ultimate Lightning Damage)
  • Storm: WIS Power, Everything within FAR range blasted with hail for MAGICAL DAMAGE


Recommended Gear:  Sword, Armor Kit, Weapon Kit

Starter Reward:WIS Power: Healing Touch (Touch an ally with WIS, heal with Magical Effort)

Milestone Rewards:

  • Heart Stone (add 1 HEART to your maximum)
  • Bloodstone Gauntlets(+2 Weapon Effort while wearing)
  • Armor of Faith: WIS 11 1, Give a target you can see +3 ARMOR for 1 ROUND
  • Amulet of the Fortress (If FAR from enemies, Allies touching you can’t be harmed)
  • Helm of Command (+1 Wis, all allies in NEAR range ignore Hard penalties to weapon attacks)
  • Holy Weapon (Rolls Magic Effort, rolls Ultimate Effort on Attempts of 15 or higher)







ICRPG Standard Fantasy Sorcerer

ICRPG Standard Fantasy Sorcerer


Where a Wizard’s magical prowess is learned, a Sorcerer’s power is innate. While their power may have laid dormant for countless generations, the blood of ancient dragons courses through their veins. Raw power comes to their call like a raging river waiting for their skillful art to shape it, to master it and bend it to their will.

When a Sorcerer finds a spell item, that item helps unlock the innate magic inherit in their blood line.

“Years of study? No, these powers are mine as surely as the gift of sight belongs to those who can see.”

Recommended Gear: Staff, Dagger, Sword, Crossbow, Supplies(full of various chemicals and admixtures that might come in handy some day)

Starter Reward: INT Spell: Fire Missile(Fire a bolt of flame at a target within FAR range, ignites flammable objects)

Milestone Rewards:

  • Dragon Stone (+3 Ultimate Effort when Casting Spells)
  • INT Spell: Elemental Blast: DOUBLE EFFORT elemental damage on up to three NEAR targets. ATTEMPT of 10 or less, choose 3 random targets
  • INT Spell: Dragon’s Scale (+3 Armor for 4 turns)
  • Dragon Wings (Fly for 1d4 turns)
  • Chaos Stone(+3 Magical Effort, when a Casting Attempt is lower than 10 choose 3 random targets to take Magic Effort damage)
  • Ring of Elemental Convergence (+3 Magic Effort with elemental spells)


ICRPG Standard Fantasy Wizard

ICRPG Standard Fantasy Wizard


In a standard fantasy ICRPG campaign, the Wizard would replace the Mage. 

The wizard is a learned lore master, a practitioner of the arcane arts and wielder of enigmatic powers that are capable of twisting the mind and rending the flesh.

“A wizard you say? You’ve come to the right place, I have just the spell for that, you see…”

Recommended Gear: Staff, Dagger, Sword, Supplies (including various reagents and components).

Starter Reward: INT Spell: Arcane Missile (INT Attempt on a target in sight)

Milestone Rewards

  • Diadem of Focus (+3 Ultimate Effort when Casting Spells)
  • INT Spell: Legend Lore (reveal a secret about an area, person, subject or item)
  • INT Spell: Diamond Skin (gain one temporary Heart which remains until 10 points of damage have been taken )
  • Brooch of Shielding (Impenetrable by conventional missiles)
  • Spectacles of Wizardly Insight (+3 Insight when learning INT spells)
  • Staff of the Magi (+2 INT,  does Magic Effort on Weapon Attempts, +3 Magical Effort for all INT Powers)

ICRPG Standard Fantasy Warrior

ICRPG Standard Fantasy Warrior


In a standard fantasy ICRPG campaign, the Warrior would replace the Blade. 

The warrior is a shield, he is strength, he is endurance and the last best hope when hordes of slavering foes are clamoring for your blood. They are steeped in combat, defense and the not so subtle arts of warfare.

“Quickly now, behind me, I’ve faced these beasts before and I know their measure.”

Recommended Gear: Common Weapons, Common Armor, Rope & Hook, Supplies Pack

Starter Reward: Choose one: An item that gives you +1 to STR, DEX or CON, or +2 Weapon Effort, or Fine Armor (+2 Armor)


Milestone Rewards

  • Heart Stone (add 1 HEART to your maximum)
  • Superb Whetstone (Choose one weapon, when you Roll 6 Effort, Roll again)
  • Stone of Skill at Arms (When attached to a weapon, the weapon rolls Magic Effort)
  • Mastercrafted Weapon (On a Weapon Attempt of 20 or higher, you roll double the item’s Effort.)
  • Mastercrafted Armor (+3 Armor that only takes up one Equipped Item slot)
  • Finely Balanced Thrown Weapon (on a Move turn, make a Ranged attack that deals Weapon Effort)




Frostgrave Terrain

A few members of my group like to play the fantasy tabletop skirmish game Frostgrave.  The book has several scenarios that call for various terrain pieces. I decided to start on the “Crypt”.

The crypt has four corners that will contain treasures.

Here is an early look at the crypt. The terrain was made using blue extruded polystyrene, milled with a Proxxon wire cutter.